I consider this blogger to be a friend. I have spoken to him personally, and I can tell you that his passion for helping people with mental health issues is huge. His true character comes through in this article, a man of integrity and compassion. Thanks for sharing your story and passion.


I have to be totally honest with you sharing my personal story about bullying and mental health has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I felt compelled to do it after witnessing further bullying in the workplace and the impact it was having on other people.  I could not sit back with a clear conscience and let this happen knowing the implications it has had on my life.  I never would want anyone to have to endure the pain and great personal loss that was brought on by this unacceptable workplace practice.  I knew that once I reared my head above the parapet that there was no turning back.  I would have to publicly expose my life’s darkest moments.  The fact that I would have to acknowledge that I suffered with mental health issues could potentially ruin the career that I was working so hard to…

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