Staff / Volunteers

Chair / Founder / CEO / Group Facilitator / Social Media

Mike Youell (@menhealuk)

Set up MEN HEAL in August 2014. Interested in mindfulness, CBT, person-centred counselling, exposure therapy. Loves Twitter. Believes that everyone is unique and therefore everyone’s mental health is unique. The healing process is different for everyone, we mustn’t assume what works for one person works for another. Even evidence-based treatments don’t work for everyone.

Head of Marketing / Assistant Group Facilitator / Social Secretary

Karl Ciccone (@karlciccone)

Has helped from our inception to market MEN HEAL to various people. Very dedicated and compassionate. Does so much in the background it’s almost impossible to give him full credit in a single paragraph.

Chief Editor / Article Writer

Rob Jones

Started writing articles for us in May 2015. Journalism degree comes in handy for his role as chief editor. Click here to see all his articles.

Welsh Assembly Member / Advisor / Supporter

Sara Jones

Has advised the organisation on room hire, and has helped plan aims and objectives. Has great connections and ideas, and can give us access to areas we might otherwise not have access to.


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