Suicidal or Distressed?

If you are feeling suicidal then check out these pages (I have phoned the Samaritans many times and they have helped me, although some people answering the phone are better than others. If you aren’t connecting well with the person you end up talking with then just stop the phone call and ring back again… you will usually get through to another person on the phone – this might sound harsh but if you are in a very traumatic state or feeling suicidal then don’t feel guilty about your needs in this moment)

I have also found this site useful when I felt suicidal but didn’t feel like talking to anyone on the phone:

If you are feeling suicidal or highly distressed then I wish I could sit with you and just listen and try and support you. Even though you feel utterly desperate please try and contact someone like the Samaritans. I have been there and I got through it… even though it might seem unlikely to you now, you can reach a better place also. I hope you reach out to others in your time of greatest need.




    1. You’re welcome Richard. How are you feeling now? You can contact me on the contact page of this website if you like. I can then email you straight back. Here for you Richard. Take care, Mike


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