Support Group Overview

It is a mental health support group for men. Every member welcomes anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue that affects your quality of life.

Suffering from any type of mental health illness can take its toll on your life and leave you feeling alone, isolated, and at times as if there is no hope. There is!

The purpose of this group is to provide support and friendship to each other through meeting up for a nice cup of tea or coffee. We laugh, listen and grow together in self-awareness. We are accepting, accountable and we want more out of life. We don’t tell each other what to do or how to be. There is no pressure. It’s safe to share your problems, question, comment or just listen.

This is not a group where people are told how to beat their problems, as everyone has their own journey in life and everyone is different. It is a group where men can get together to talk, help, support one another, exchange useful information and gain friendships.

As friendships have grown in the group we have started running activities and events, such as tenpin bowling, darts and pool. You can see upcoming listings and more details on these activities on the groups MeetUp web page.

You can follow us on Twitter (@menhealuk)


£1 per session (covers tea or coffee)


To find out where we currently run our groups click here.

Copyright MEN HEAL 2015

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